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Waisome marketing group is a U.S based company. The company acts as a marketing agency that provides an array of services reaching out millions of the population all across the globe. Danny Waisome is the current founder/owner of Waisome marketing group. The company is located at San Diego, California. Barasch-Waisome Foundation is a major arm of the marketing agency that funds a percentage from the company’s revenue in to many charitable actions.

EEKCAWATT payment gateway


Barasch-Waisome Foundation is a funding organisation. A percentage or proportion of all transactions happening within the Waisome Group is flowed as a contribution towards this special trust fund; Barasch-Waisome Foundation. On specific the contactless/wireless card users are indirectly funding the foundation source with their card usage fees for the period. The company provides donations for purposes such as for environmental issues, educational programs, school funds, scholarships and medical/cancer research

Waisome marketing group is presently striving to achieve its global reputation and increment in sales. Waisome marketing group provides an extended branch of products and services under the name “EEKCA”. The EEKCA system acts as an initiative that provides the facility of marketing to B2B and B2C businesses. EEKCA provides the energy conservation service and EEKCAWATT service; Energy currency and service system with the unique loyalty card and packaging system provided exclusively for all its valuable customers.

EEKCA is putting forth its efforts for its future by providing optimal healthcare services to its end consumers. The EEKCA HANDI1 Secure Online Payment Gateway is an online proprietary system that is easier, safer and more productive. Waisome Marketing indulges itself in to different promotional channels to reach the platform of marketing its goods and services to the global market. EEKCA provides its services in the field of grocery, mass merchandise, specialty, convenience, dollar, hardware, consumer electronics and home centers. The company aims in building a bridge between the manufacturers and retailer. By bonding along with the retailers and manufacturers the company ensures that the consumers are provided the accessibility to the best products in the current market.

EEKCAWATT currency also known as (EKW) in its abbreviated form is a well aiding system to the clients to make an ease in payment system. The U.S based merchant services provides the prepaid card payment processing service. Merchants that are affiliated directly with the EEKCAWATT and possess their own website/server can commence the acceptance of payments via their website via the EEKCAWATT payment gateway. This system makes it much easier for the clients to pay their gas and electric energy bills from dwelling anywhere around the world. The virtual and physical card allows the convenience of online shopping that enables various transactions with a security system to track client data for future services. The global (fiat) currency possesses its own conversion terms. EEKCAWATT Metrics units support wireless, face-to-face, MOTO, Banking app and POS.

Waisome Marketing is standing ahead as an organisation looking for growth. The marketing performed in all aspects is for the well being of the company while exposing the specialty of the company to the global market and its trends. The company is making large investments in reaching out the peak of the economical standards in the competing world. Hopefully the company is seeking to attract more of its targeted groups from all across the globe and stand on a much better position with its accomplished goals and dreams!

About the company

At Barasch-Waisome Foundation we know that the value of a calorie is directly proportional to the cost of a barrel of oil.

Our aim is to determine the actual energy money supply —by asking-how much energy is consumed in the economy annually? then match that to the fiat money supply.

EEKCA is a business initiative to market business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C)
energy conservation and EEKCAWATT®-Energy Currency and Payment System and “Unique” Loyalty Card Products and Packaging System.

The future is currency innovation with EEKCA On/Off-Line Virtual Management and Currency System. Building innovative and meaningful global linkages and best practices in consumer preventive and affordable healthcare module is our objective.

Central to our core is setting the pace for optimal health care delivery to the end consumer module drives what we do!

We create and work with innovative device and solutions that will in the near future helps make health care easier, safer and more productive with enriched enhancements and a access point to our online proprietary

EEKCA HANDI1 Secure Online Payment Gateway .

Our mission is the development of a designated specific point of impact where anyone that comes into contact will be for the betterment of their health and upliftment not only thru music when finished. Know More, How it work!

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